WE created Delta to combat the evident chaos that has surfaced from aftermath of the financial crisis and to address the challenges of globalization facing corporate entities looking for alternatives outside their own borders.Radical Changes in the business landscape required to revolutionize the way business is conducted in the KSA. Corporation are spending vast amounts of money, time and efforts trying to access and identify new growth opportunities in this region without any solid results or success. Delta GCI is capitalizing on its unique position and business relations in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to offer effective qualified support for any entity seeking to enter the Kingdom.



Being amongst winners !

Delta Gulf Capital Investments vision is to become a prominent contributor in the economic revolution and solid progress taking place now in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We will offer the best consulting service possible bring in the best and brightest most highly specialized companies to participate in the movement and enjoy the benefits of the Kingdoms bright future.



When making Delta GCI your strategic partner and expert guide into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia business world we promise to uphold our main values of.


DELTA GCI operations were created with clients in mind! Our primary goal is to gain their trust and confidence by providing superior, transparent, and straightforward services.


Excellent information that will enable our clients to enter the vast Saudi market with confidence, proper knowledge and right connections reducing various risk elements and increasing success factors.


Total commitment by DELTA GCI, our partners and specialized business consultants will create the perfect expansion conditions for our clients.



Delta gulf Capital Investments was established in 2005 by an honorable Saudi family with extensive business relations and close ties to powerful Saudi industrial, financial and professional allies that provides valuable consultation and expert advice. Delta GCI board members and management have been operating in the region for years in various capacities and have valuable experience and understanding of the current conditions that propels the massive change in the economic and business condition of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The board knowledge of the difficulties and bureaucratic complications and obstacles that hinders the entry of many foreign companies into the Kingdom led to the decision to restructure Delta GCI and introduce the consulting and advisory services division that will concentrate on providing first class valuable services to companies and corporation seeking to enter the Saudi market successfuly.


Why would we hire Delta GCI?

Delta GCI is a local service provider focused on presenting the best assistance that can be found to you with tailor made solution that will save you years of working time and thousands of spending money. The strategic and essential information you will receive from us will give you extensive insight into the local Saudi Arabian business world without having to travel extensivly into the country, we can be there for you feeding the news that matter. The fees paid for hiring us will cover an entire array of comprehensive services that will make your planned move to the kingdom many times easier and faster.

Do we expect to pay any Taxes in the Kingdom?

According to the New Tax Law, the percentage is fixed at 20% on profit while indefinite losses are carried forward to the next year. A Saudi partner will have to pay 2.5% Zakah as tax.

What is the average cost of establishing a new company in Saudi Arabia?

It depends greatly on the type of business and the extent of local presence you are looking to establish but it is not leass than $20,000 US for basic licensing, and government documentations in addition to rents, daily expenses , and employees cost. Ofcourse when you hire Delta GCI, you would eliminate so many unecessary expenses move more freely and avoid many fatal errors.

What is the best form of legal presence to operate under?

The decision should be influenced by your broad company strategy and ultimate goals as you look to enter the Kingdom of Saudi vast market and each form has its advantages and disadvantages, hence we highly recommend that you consult with a professional advisor that can help you distibguish and decide on the best legal business structure that will suit you. In general some form of a partnership is formed such as: Individual establishment - 100% foreign ownership possible. Limite Liability (LLC) - Could be wholly owned by foriegners but with certain draw backs. Joint Stock Company - Could be wholy owned by foriegners. A company Branch - LLC , Foeiegn, and Individual establishment Branch. Or the company can remain independent and establish a branch which the most costly of all three structures. There are also variable capital requirements that must be presented and they depend on the type of business and structure, in general service providing companies are much easier to establish than industrial or technical types.
SR.100,000 for individual establishments.
SR.500,000 for companies.
SR.1,000,000 for industrial projects.
SR.25,000,000 for agricultural projects.

Will we find enough work and projects to justify our move?

As you probably know the changes taking place in Saudi Arabia resembles an economical and social revoelution and a complete transformation that will touch and improve every aspect of the Saudi Economy changing the country forever and yes there are several thousand projects in every sector and domain that are taking place now. The best way to find the projects and participate is being there or having someone that could bring in the best and most profitable projects to you and that is our job.

Do we have to be present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Yes! It is imparative for your company to have some form of presence in the Kingdom even as simple as one representative. Actually it is one of the most important elements that will guarantee the success of the new venture and insure your company growth in the Saudi kingdom, it allows constant communication with the local clients, decision makers and insure propmpt response to all needed requests.

How long does it take to register and get the business license?

On Average the entire process could be done in abot three months ( without any Glitches) at several stages with various departments and ministries. The first stage would be to obtain the initial investments license, residency and commercial registration, followed by the labour department and Zakat registration. The entirew process can be handled by the lawyer or by you ( not recommended) depending on how fast you need it.

How do we start the process of moving operations to KSA?

Given that obtaining any license and form of legal business in the kingdom must be done through an autherized legal counsel, the smartest and fastest way to enter and establish a presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is finding and excellent reputable legal representation that wil complete the entire process. Delta GCI have a top notch law team that will provide all the necessary services at extremely reasonable prices that will expedite your entire trip.

How is Delta GCI different than other companies?

When you hire Delta you will be hiring a network of professional and sophisticated group of companies directed by us to serve your needs and provide you with excellent solutions designed to ansewer all your needs.

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