The actual value of the ITCC project is $667,000,000.00 and Nesite has been awarded a project value of $10,500,000.00 in phase one.

PPA in Saudi Arabia has developed the idea of establishing a special technology complex fulfilling modern requirements. The Information Technology and Communication Complex (ITCC) is being developed by Rayadah Investment Company, the investment arm of PPA.

Augusto Di Pietro (Regional Manager of Nesite) said that the focus will be on the creation of a technological hub with extra attention to environmental aspects and credentials.

He added: "Our floor system eco friendly woodcore panel was chosen for the project for its high content of recycled content in its raw material sourcing as well as for its highest recyclable content of the finished panel. We are proud to be part of this extremely important initiative that is considered a landmark in the future developments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia." With over 40 years of experience in raised floors, Nesite is well placed to deliver the project to expected levels of quality and technology. Nesite's expertise is geared to meet the demands of modern architecture and contemporary furnishing while accomplishing aesthetics and technological excellence. Armed with the know-how that laid over 10 million sq m of raised floors worldwide, Nesite also has in-house R&D which helps them to offer tailor made solutions to clients.

The main focus of the project is environmental concern - the reason why Nesite was able to clinch the contract. Our core strength as a multinational company is our environment friendly woodcore plus high recycled content in our raw material sourcing and the high recyclable content in the finished panel.

The PPA project is an important initiative, a landmark in relation to the future developments in Saudi Arabia in particular and the region as a whole. It can also be seen as a positive development in the construction sector: With government agencies committing to major construction-related investment, it is bound to boost the confidence among local developers.

Being a Saudi Arabia government project, the PPA project has been attracting a lot of attention.The new complex will be a hub for all ICT Services, education, research and innovation. The masterplan was designed by a Joint Venture company between local Consultants Zuhair Fayez and Singapore's Jurong International, with the former carrying out all the detailed design of infrastructure and substructures.

The main component of the project was awarded to Al Rajhi Projects and includes the construction of the central area with four 24-storey towers, the main architectural feature of the whole project.

Saudi Public Pension Agency chose Nesite for its eco friendly recyclable panels.

Augusto Di Pietro added: "This business oasis that we in charge of its flooring will include 20 storey towers, two research and development buildings, two business technology incubator buildings, a library, a mosque, a sports club and a clinic."