SANILUX : Modular construction system for operating theatres

Our partner PREMO recently developed new successful product SANILUX which is the perfect solution for clinical centers and hospitals that care about the well-being of medical teams, auxiliary staff and patients. PREMO offers its experience in the execution of surgical blocks in the extremely important phase of their design and decoration.

PREMO’s SANILUX system adapts to all needs, both in new construction and refurbishing. It is the healthcare solution to carry out all kinds of hospital rooms: operating theatres, Post-Anesthesia Recovery Units or corridors. The module structure supports perfectly flush and sealed, straight or curved phenol paneling, thus achieving perfect air tightness. The rooms are screened and leaded according to the medical usage needs.

The floor and ceiling finishes are designed so that they are always flush. All types of sanitary elements can be coupled to the panels. SANILUX includes the possibility of incorporating glazed panels to visually connect one room to another, improving the well-being of medical teams and patients. The so-called clean rooms such as sterilization rooms and storage of sterile elements and the corridors that lead to the operating theatres are completely integrated into the design chosen, satisfying the highest hygiene standards. Read more >>