Investor Services

Delta GCI started its business with a main focus on investor services. Later on we expanded to other related services. Our investor services are based upon our stable financial condition and our powerful alliances.

We offer you agency services, joint venture services, partnership services, financial services and legal services. We will help you establish your own company and assist you in developing it to be outstanding and superior in your line of business.


Founded in 1998, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal (TAGLegal) added another professional firm to TAGorg’s wide group of internationally acknowledged firms, which are recognized as the largest group of professional service providers in the Middle East. TAGlegal is currently a global business law firm allocated all around the world to provide clients with the best legal advice and professional service. Read more>>

Amara is the first company of its kind to offer investors the opportunity to invest into a unique Shariah compliant product that offers private equity returns with the highest levels of transparency, regardless of market cycles. Amara focuses on the key growth regions of China, MENA and India. In these target regions, Amara already has in place key strategic partnerships ensuring deal flow. Read more>>

Investor Services

Agency Services

There several reasons to consider an Agency relation in Saudi:

  • - Saves years in trying to establish a niche and carve a market place for your company.
  • - The most efficient and practical way to enter a new market.
  • - Establish major connections in the new country without spending huge amounts of money.

We are financially stable and powerful enough to team up with a select group of companies as their sole Agents and if we are not able to be your agent, we will find the best partner for you, It is Your Choice!

Investor Services

Joint Venture Services

At Delta, we know the difficulty of establishing a company in a new territory while trying to find your place, our goal is to create the best possible environment to assist you in your quest. Your primary move into the Saudi market is very important and must be done carefully because it could mean the success or failure of the entire venture.

Delta can arrange for the following services:-

  • - Negotiate and set up Joint ventures for special Projects and conditions.
  • - Meet interested business partners that will become your allies.
  • - Meetings and Discussion with top specialists in your domain.

Investor Services

Partnership Services

The hardest part of launching a new operation in a foreign land is finding the suitable partner.When you are out there on your own trying to create the perfect conditions to do business, you need an ally on your side.

Delta is your ally and source of information that gives you the edge. Why?
We will maintain your position which will give you the advantage, maneuverability and agility in your business dealings in the kingdom. Delta speaks for you and negotiates on your behalf not the other sides.It is essential for us that you win! It means We also win.

Investor Services

Financial Services

Every business savvy and strategic manager knows that the exit strategy must be in place before the new venture is in place, finding the exit strategy leads into superior planning and clearer vision.An Exit strategy for your major joint venture could provide an ideal solution to exiting a major project without losing anything, it will save you substantial pain.

With our partners at New Haven, we are able to create extensive financial solutions that will be extremely beneficial when entering a virtually unknown market such the kingdom of Saudi.Our teams will create plans that deal with basic business and tax efficiency structuring to the most complicated practical financial solutions. For further details see the insert. MORE INFORMATION

Investor Services

Legal Services

In cooperation with our International legal consulting firms, Delta GCI presents to our esteemed clients an exclusive and comprehensive bundle of diverse broad legal services that will insure speed and accuracy in all important procedures. This powerful combination of professional legal services and Delta’s specialized basic services originally offered, will expedite matters, shield and protect our clients planning to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Market.Read More >>

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